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During this year at Masof we have being working to innovate in ur designs and influence into the health of the people that sorrounds us

This is very important so we introduce our brand new Well certification to our labor, but first: What is Well?
Well is an architecture certificate which stands for the creation of healty spaces for every user of the facilities.

Since the design is a crucial point into our goals, with the Well standars we support the optimization of the light, not only with artificial lights but also with the natural brightness by using furniture that allows to graduate the intensitive of it or luminaires with a light glow to avoid interfere with the visual healt of the user, and avoid the use of strong ilumination during nights. At Masof our products are though to impact in the wellness of the user, in fact our Talent and Noom are being recognized for the FX Awards.

Even thus we are not Actiu, we share the vision to provide and enviroment that provides the users with a better being sensation and communication between colleagues.  In fact our furniture such as CoolE100 is made to be used with groups to support the flow of ideas during the momment that it is neccesary. Knowing the importance of the feelings during the office hours we provide furniture with different frames and shapes that plays an important role in the posture of the user with the idea of making people feel confident and relaxed while do their work with the chance of being both sit and stand up.
Many of our products such as Vital desks, Tnk and Urban chairs and closets are the first point of focus to us due to their shapes and designs allows the people to enjoy multiple angles of postures to help them present the ideas that flows trough their minds.

At Masof we provide you with the chance to become a WELL certified organization or fulfill with their parameters using our products line to be closer to achive that goal previously setted.
Support a good enviroment not only in your community but als in your work place, we as company avoid the smoking either inside or in near areas to our building. Part of our values is the concordance with what we stand for and our actions. Be part of a big movement and star to do things WELL to take it to new standars of quality and innovation.

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