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The Noom chair has arrived to take offices to the seventies

In the ’70s, there was an unprecedented revolution in the economy and finances of the United States. It was at that time that large corporations emerged, and although it wouldn’t be for the best of reasons, the change was for the better.

By then, an incredible boom in interior decoration had a great impact on what had until this point been marked by sobriety and monotony. Pomposity and color movements would take over workspaces. In magazines, we could see offices full of symbols for class, gender and ethnicity that the first famous “yuppies” would live through. In short, it came the time for the arrival of ergonomics at the offices.

Interior decoration at that time began to point to comfort and well-being that promoted calm, aesthetic, and functional environments. Does it ring a bell? Nowadays, all these characteristics have been reapplied for the creation of “friendly offices”.

An essential part of the decoration of the ’70s would be the use of simple and uniformly colored furniture. Strong tones that cause an impact such as fuchsia, butane orange, and lime green would be seen in every avant-garde office.

In this way, the Noom chair is a reflection for an era that brought an infinite number of bright and innovative changes to the design and decoration. An expression of creativity that expanded to the most hermetic sites, such as the most conventional offices. As stated at the beginning of this article, in an era where well-being began to be taken into account, Noom fits like a ring fits the finger.

As Alegre Design studio’s creation, Noom would come to recover a trend that, since the ’70s, has never died.



In Masof.Inc we are pleased to be official distributors of an essential chair such as this one. Noom adapts to many different environments and moments, thanks to its high level of customization. To get to know it better and make it part of your workspaces, you can contact us and team up in creating a furniture project that adapts to every necessity of the moment. Visit our showroom in the Miami-Dade area or contact us on our website.

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