A new decade begins and we see how office decoration adapts to the current needs of employees

These changes are part of nature, everything is a matter of adaptability and, therefore, the trends in 2020 are nothing more than a reflection of our modern business culture. Most current business interior design currents point more and more towards what really defines them, seeking to differentiate themselves from the rest, in stark contrast with previous trends where almost all were becoming a poor imitation of each other.

Among the most innovative trends, we have the use of sustainable fabrics that come directly from fashion runways. It’s a salute to animal-friendly synthetic materials, including those such as organic cotton, bamboo, recycled wood, and reused plastics. Excellent avenues of material use that help the environment.

The existence of offices where employees spend an entire day without moving from their position is something that is left in the past. Current employees (mostly Millenials and Generation-Z) need to be on the move in adaptive and reactive workspaces. Reconfigurable furniture is the proverbial workhorse of these spaces, perfect for moving and remodeling spaces according to the necessary requirements of the moment.

Privacy is another fundamental point where concepts are being rethought. While avant-garde trends seek to mix open and social spaces with the sober and quiet atmosphere of the traditional office, companies will always need to have private areas where meetings and conversations are isolated from the rest.

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