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Multifunctional offices revolutionize in an era where creativity and communication are fundamental

While some may think that offices are not a place to go play and have fun, the truth is that that old belief could not be further from what current trends are telling. Let us say goodbye to boring, tedious and painstakingly monotonous offices. With employee populations now mostly made up of millennials/generation Z, these are now people who need space to breathe and perform at their best.

Workplaces have gone from being constrained places, where they squeeze personnel for a reduced salary to becoming centers for personal fulfillment, allowing the skills of workers to flourish and promoting their well-being as they increase and improve the quality of production in companies.

One of the most representative additions to working environments is that of mobile furniture. Multifunctional, lightweight and ergonomic solutions designed to adapt to any space and need. No more use of heavy furniture and bulky equipment that imposed unnecessary space restrictions. The trend of dynamic flexibility in offices is now to make the most of each space and furniture so that life is brought to the workplace.

This type of furniture trend, called ‘dynamic flexibility’, has given a new meaning to what nowadays is the business space, making it possible to take full advantage of a series of furniture and completely transform environments from meeting rooms. production floors, and quiet and private spaces in the blink of an eye.

The key elements when selecting furniture that allows for absolute spatial flexibility are:

  • Light furniture.
  • Movable/with wheels.
  • Ergonomic qualities.
  • Multifunctionality.

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