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Privacy acquires a new meaning in a reality that incorporates the concept of interior design

A revolution that was seen coming little by little is the new trend that develops in the most contemporary and avant-garde workspaces.
After moving from ultra-open space environments, where divisions have gone extinct and leaving areas full of desks and chairs without any possible space for privacy, offices with closed cubicles have returned, the same as those that we see so often on film and TV.

These close cubicles are completely hermetic, limiting communication to raising our heads above thin dividing walls.

Extremes are rarely a good thing. Therefore, present-day designers have done their best to find the necessary harmony to complement the privacy and socialization in today’s workspaces.

It is in such a way that soft seating has evolved from being exclusively office chairs and anti-noise dividers to a mix of the two: seats with built-in walls where work can get done in the comfort of a shared room.

In Masof Inc. we love paying attention to the latest trends in office improvement. To bring change to your spaces and bring fresh elements into your office, you can always contact us and collaborate in creating office furniture projects that set new trends. Visit our showroom in the Miami-Dade area or contact us on our website.


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