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For many, it is impossible not to have their cellphone on hand 24/7, but this habit can turn into a double-edged sword

There is no doubt that in these days we live in, where the most important thing is to always be tuned into with what’s currently happening, it’s impossible for someone to take off too much time from their cell phone. Even people with the highest positions are basically handcuffed to their phones due to the many responsibilities they have to deal with.
This is how we’ve come to see that the previous mentality of banning the use of cell phones in workplaces has been put aside in favor of the usefulness of what we now called smartphones.

Through smartphones, you can organize events and meetings, create schedules, streamline processes, and access information and documents much more easily and quickly than it was just a couple of years ago. They are a great advantage, especially if you have a good Internet connection and a Gmail, Apple or Microsoft account where you can have everything that’s needed in your day-to-day within easy reach and a couple of touches to our screens.
But everything has its downside, and smartphones can also become the number one enemy of productivity. Social networks and games are the true nemeses of every employee routine on an office with a Wi-Fi connection.

So, what should be done? Is prohibition the solution? Certainly not. Current generations will hardly agree to turn off their phones for more than 2 hours at a time. But there’s no need for such hard measures: experts have considered more friendly methods to deal with these situations.
For example, it is recommended that the healthiest thing for those people who cannot control their impulses when putting their hands on their smartphone, is to start using flight mode or silent mode options on their phones as a way to avoid spending more time attending to countless notifications than staying on their current task and proactively attending their jobs and responsibilities.

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