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HMD Global is a tech development firm affiliated with the world-renowned Nokia brand of mobile devices. They currently hold the exclusive right for the development of mobile phones and are dedicated to building a successful new generation of Nokia phones for the world to use and enjoy.



While expanding their operations throughout the world, HMD started operations on a new office located on the Brickell BB&T Building in Miami, which is located in the center of the city's Financial District, placing them at the epicenter of international commercial activities for Southern Florida.


The furnishing of this new space was enthusiastically taken up by Masof Inc. and ACTIU, expecting to add modern quality furnishings to their daily operations and in doing so, give HMD's Miami offices a proper reflection of the expertise and ingenuity they are known for wherever they take their business to.

For starters, their main office floor was assembled in large workspaces composed by Vital tables, which easily provided the versatile character needed to form a large, solid, and adaptable table that would seat HMD's main personnel. A comfortable solution for their seating that would maintain the technological character and style of this modern office was found with the Efit task chair with orange and olive color finishes, inspired by the tones used on HMD’s logo.

Vital’s white and wooden textures were combined in a checkerboard pattern atop a larger base, allowing for an elegant effect that would also visually separate individual workspaces. As a side note, these tables could, in turn, be further complemented with ACTIU’s compatible Tabletop screenings.

The office’s main meeting and coworking areas were also furnished by combining the Vital table and Efit task chairs, allowing for eight people to be seated without filling too much of its allotted space.

Conversely, managerial offices were provided with the ever-stylish Arkitek desk in white aluminum supports and light wooden surfaces both in its desk configuration and the accompanying oval table used for casual meetings. While the Efit was used for the desk, Urban Plus cantilever chairs were employed for its signature versatility and its stylish mesh, which perfectly combined with the common decor in orange and white.

Smaller meeting and coworking rooms separated by glass partition walls were furnished by a combination of Arkitek tables and Efit chairs. This segmentation of spaces, combined with the furniture used, provided a visage of openness while also making maximum use of the office’s space without looking too crowded.

Finally, the kitchen space was complemented with a small but important asset: MIT stools that provided the robust quality, efficiently small frame and signature stylish design needed to seamlessly complement the space's seating needs.

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