Privacy and Productivity


ECObooth by ECOcero® is an alternative solution and an innovative way to avoid distractions or getting lost in the open workplace, considerably reducing any type of sound and achieving professional insulation.


Open spaces have become the role model for many companies wishing to optimise space and encourage collaboration between staff members.

Acoustically Comfortable Space

It is a ventilated, illuminated and acoustically comfortable space to have telephone conversations, providing you with extra privacy for your meetings and preventing you from distracting your colleagues. It is an independent space within the office that integrates perfectly thanks to its different finishes.

Privacy in open workspaces

The phonebooth is ideal for video conferences or important calls. You will be able to hold telephone conversations or meetings without disturbing your colleagues. The ECObooth acoustic booth serves to eliminate distractions and increase productivity in the work environment, in addition to offering soundproofing levels of 25 dB and echo-free acoustics, which create a comfortable work environment.