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bend soft seating

A modular soft seating offer that follows Actiu's Cool Working philosophy. Its simple design and peculiar aesthetic will invite users to sit and take part in shared experiences.

bend soft seating 1


social offices

Bend soft seating allows you to create comfortable and informal meeting points that foster communication among employees. Its simple design and appearance invites you to take a seat.

bend soft seating 2


Endless layouts

Bend is made up of four different modules that can be connected to one another, which can even form a closed circle. Its possibilities are endless, for which the only limit is your imagination.

bend soft seating 3


warm appearance

Bend soft seating models for offices have different modules and structures. Their wooden finish on its legs adds an extra warmth and homely feel to any office.

bend soft seating 4


additional elements

Bend comes with different accessories including round modules and side tables of different heights. These elements can ‘orbit’ around the Bend layout, adding to its dynamism.

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