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light aspect

longo desk cover

A desk program that shows the strengths of the ACTIU brand: a light design, an elegant presence, and great versatility. Ideal for every executive and collective space.

longo desk 1


stylish space

The Longo desk collection allows you to create a stylish space in your office, also adding a great amount of comfort seamlessly.

longo desk 2



The design of the Longo desk makes it seem visually weightless in the different settings where it can be placed: in an office, as a work desk, in meeting rooms, etc.

longo desk 3


work spaces

The Longo office desks offer up maximum versatility for all kinds of work and project spaces.

longo desk 4


high quality

These top-grade meeting room tables are designed by Ramos & Bassols, specially crafted to create dynamic meeting rooms.

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