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TALENT tables offer an alternative rooted in practicality through quality and function. Its many features are buit to be used in dynamic workplaces where restless minds are always on the task.

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TALENT tables offer a folding system for the work desk-top, using a system in the brackets that feature a locking and unlocking position for the mechanism. At the same time, this folding allows the desks to be stacked, thus saving space. The desks come wi

linking quick and easy talent desk stable


quick and easy

TALENT, in its 100 and 300 series, offers a fast linking device system for desks, thus permitting different configurations, making the desks stable and ensuring there is no unwanted movement while they are being used.

writing board two in one talent desk masof


two in one

Talent desks can also feature laminated writeable desk-tops, which can be dry-wipeable. This allows for extra functionality, elevating this desk to turn it into a whiteboard whenever the task requires it.

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