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Boulevard establishes a framework for your workspace. Shape it, divide it, make it functional – every bit of it. With Boulevard, you can customize to any size and any height allowing you to get the point.

desks conference tables masof boulevard flow panels



Air flow panels enhance circulation below the desk surface without impacting power or data delivery.

desks conference tables masof boulevard raceway panels



Raceway panels bring power to your fingertips. Use monolithic panels at the end of runs to create a clean and crisp look for hallways.

desks conference tables clever practical solutions



Plan the way you want. Boulevard supports a wide range of planning applications from places to gather and welcome, to places to focus and places to retreat.

desks conference tables masof reach new heights


new heights

Open or closed, the decision is yours. Panels can be specified from floor to ceiling and anywhere in between with minimal effort and frames. Archways can be transformed into closed spaces to add variety and planning flexibility.

desks conference tables boulevard collaboration retreat



Shape your space. Freestanding dividers carve out space, manage acoustics and enhance functionality. Easily create applications that support social interaction, group work and focused work.

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