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The presence of the nature must be something that every interiors designer should take care about,notice elements like flowers or vines can be a good way to reflect a different style

Using materials like stone, wood or iron you can give a strong prescense for the room, ideal for an office or a manly decoration style, and adding plants with vibrant colors in red shades will give that impression of feminine touch.

A good idea to fit with this decoration is the use fo furniture with soft textures such as: Velvet or Silk Satin, which has a soft texture that will contrast with the other elements of the room. Alongside with this you can combine the colors of the cushion with the dark colors of the materials of the room and make it brighter with some plants in the cornes or flowers as center pieces.

Taking the idea of having natural elements in the decoration, instead using light bulbs, you could use a skylight to allow the entrance of natural sun light and bring a natural bright to the space. Another element you could use is small flower pots neer desks or doors that help to give a refreshing touch to the air. Be aware when you select the plants because it might look very pretty but has a strong essence which may be distracting.
If your office has strong defined elements like a staircase made of iron or a screening with iron details you could use colors like red , white or shades of those colors to exalt the quality of the furniture and use it to produce an emotional environment among the workers.


Most of our products have a minimalistic touch and even though the maximilism is having a strong presence, it can not be displaced. Following this concept we suggest an adaptation between the space distribution with the usages of elements brought from nature in floors or in paintings.
The election of the elements is a key concept for this idea, because you must maintain an equal distribution of the pieces to avoid overload an area and make it looks crowded. Take notes of the furniture you use, the repetition of it in different spaces can cause a sensation of having the same decoration in the whole environment.


In this article we start with the diea f having natural elements, but why?, here is the answer: a plant in your office or desk makes you fell more relaxed and comfortable due the effect of being in touch with the nature, even when you are not. The minimalistic touch can be also applied to plants, or sort of, by having a small plant which is very helpful if you do not have a big space.
These are a couple of ideas that you can add your own personal touch to make it part of your personality and adapt it. Kepp in mind that this tips necessary does not apply exactly to your environment but there is the funny about it, because that way you can experiment and find out new styles starting from this idea.

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