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It is a fact that the planet needs a helping hand, and business offices will not be left behind

Recycling, reusing, and reducing are an increasingly essential part of the routine for responsible human beings who feel true empathy for the planet and want to make it a healthy place to live. If nobody at your workplace has started to reuse paper, use glass cups, or do something about the misuse of electricity, it is time to change those archaic work habits.

Engaging in recycling activities regularly can be difficult at first, especially in very populated or very busy offices. However, setting the example will always be the key for employees to start taking seriously the fact that an eco-office is a goal to be achieved.

A quick meeting about the amount of waste that the company generates daily may be enough to start raising awareness.

In general, an office with 100 people produces an average of 20 garbage bags a week. This fills a 1,100-liter bin a week. Which is equivalent to filling fifty 1,100-liter garbage containers in a year. Amazing, right? But even more incredible is the fact that more than 90% of office waste can be recycled.


Let’s look at some practical examples that can help start motivating some changes:

  • Have two baskets in each office. One for food: leftovers and non-recyclable material and the other for paper, cardboard, and plastic.
  • Have recyclable paper and clean paper ready at the printing station.
  • Use electronic communications, instead of printing lots of paper for intra-office messages and memorandums.
  • Turn off lights, computers, and equipment when they are not being used and when the workday is over.

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