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This man is, without a doubt, the most prestigious designer nowadays. And also, a deep-set eccentric

Philippe Starck is a revolutionary architect and interior designer, widely known as one of the creators of the ’boutique hotel’ concept. With a vision for design that most can only imagine having, Starck crosses the barriers of the “designable”. Nothing resists him: toothbrushes, motorcycles, juice makers, bath tools, and even fascinating and surreal buildings like the Le Nuage in Montpellier, France.
An architect, designer, inventor, and artistic director since childhood, Starck has been creating and projecting ideas since he was very little. His debut in the field was made with the design of an “inflatable house” in the L’Enfance Hall in 1969.

In the present day, 50 years after that first architectural surprise, his name is a registered trademark. He has some of the most exquisite hotels and restaurants in the world as part of his long list of achievements.

Something that does not cease to amaze about Phillippe Starck is his ability to surprise with the unimaginable. This architect does not simply stay big and sumptuous but goes to the ordinary. The very example of this is when he made everybody’s jaws drop with an entire line of methacrylate furniture. What fantasy!.

He has also dedicated himself to the design of household appliances such as lamps and vehicles (such as the hydrogen car he created in 2005), almost as if he wanted to give a unique and personal touch to all he observes.

His works can be admired in the Brooklyn Museum in New York, the Design Museum in London and in the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris.


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