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It is impossible to deny that we live in a society with endless faces and colors

Although it seems incredible, we’re a couple of months away ending 2019, one step away from starting a new decade.

Many dreamers are anxiously wondering what this new generation of technological advances will bring us through incremental day-to-day updates that will dictate the very details of our way of living. We have gone through so much in these last 9 years that it is difficult to think of a single outstanding thing. However, the labor aspect is worth focusing on, such as that the fact that women are gaining more recognition every day in a position of equality with men, and that every day more and more work environments exist where true solidarity and respect for the sexual preferences of each group member is perceived.

‘Diversity’ is a word that encompasses a fairly broad meaning, and it wouldn’t be inaccurate to count it as one of the most used words in this last decade. Diversity includes factors such as race, gender, age, color, nationality… but we can also add religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, education, language, economic status, etc. And even though it might surprise some, diversity has actually not much to do with laws anymore, but rather in its prevalence in academic and social environments.
It is very easy to live on stereotypes. We are surrounded by them, and they follow us wherever we go. There’s always a stereotype for something, and this presents a problem: making us get accustomed to a single, familiar type of person. Truthfully, no human being is the same as another, not in behavior and certainly not on thinking.

Today, HR departments in most companies each company focus on customizing spaces and giving them a “style” to what was once a black and white monotone that adorned simple desks and metal files. However, just as there is this change in the design of furniture and interiors, now there’s a goal of generating an ambience of change and the acceptance of everyone within the work team regardless of their personal profile.
Studies have shown that this change in perspective creates a variety of advantageous benefits for companies that want to adapt to current times: greater variety in the meeting of skilled people, greater range of perspective when generating ideas, more productive collaborations, increase of morale and  work as opportunities, greater comfort for customers, and an improvement in company reputation. It’s a benefit any which way you see it!.


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