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They are increasingly important in companies as they point to social, economic and environmental improvement

Formally known as Corporate Social Responsibility projects (CSR), these undertakings are engaged as a variety of actions that contribute to the welfare of employees and the environment. In simple terms, they are actions understood as an ethical and voluntary attitude.

In essence, it consists of assuming a social commitment and investing a part of a company’s profits in supportive and positive actions for people and the environment. Although it may seem that these projects don’t benefit a company at all from, say, a commercial standpoint, the truth is that they still benefit in a big way by improving their external and internal image.

An incredible example of a Corporate Social Responsibility project is the BEE DOWNTOWN movement. The project itself is about growing beehives in urban areas of corporate campuses to help build healthy honey bee populations, while at the same time providing a leadership and engagement development program among employees.

Although it may seem somewhat crazy at first sight to install beehives on business campuses, the idea has been really favorable and very beneficial for employees, owners, and the environment in general. So, how about betting on Corporate Social Responsibility projects?.

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