A classic of modernity that enjoys worldwide recognition, respect, and applause

A privileged mind precedes Alessandro Mendini: professor, painter, editor, writer… few would believe that his training was obtained at the public university of the Polytechnic of Milan. His last invention was dedicated to his grandson: a lamp without wires that admits any position and does not get hot. The lamp has is from the Ramun brand name, a pun of the Egyptian sun god Amon-Ra, traditionally represented as an eye.


The brilliance of Alessandro Mendini shone brighter than ever during the seventies, a time when he was one of the main figures of the Italian ‘Radical Design’ artistic current. It was he who introduced concepts such as banal design and redesign, becoming and spokesman for postmodernism as well.

Through Atelier Mendini, a firm he owned with his brother Francesco, he carried out architectural works all over the world. His creativity knows no limits, creating many wonders in furniture, interiors design, paintings, colorful ceramics, and even watch design.


His unmistakable style paradoxically mixes various cultural references and forms of expression with incredible success. His style is usually rich with an overloaded baroque. Among its most emblematic buildings is the Teatrino della Bicchieraia in the city of Arezzo, the Forum Museum in Omegna, Italy, the memorial tower for the unfortunate atomic bomb disaster in Hiroshima in Japan, the Groningen Museum in Holland, and the Arosa Casino in Switzerland.