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It’s time to say goodbye to plain and grey offices and say hello to the full palette!

As we have mentioned before, colors are now a fundamental part of the work environment. Studies have shown that color selection in an office wall is bound to make a strong impact on an employee’s state of mind.


Strategically designed spaces based on color can help increase employee productivity and motivation in addition to promoting brand awareness. In the case of companies, finding the right colors can make all the difference when it comes to attracting customers. And if you make them feel at ease, they can form a good opinion about the company and its products.

Keeping in harmony with the right colors will always be key in every workspace. This is something to take seriously while remembering that every color brings a different type of performance and influence. These are some examples:

  • Pastel tones: Illuminate and cheers us up.
  • Red and orange: Energizes the environment.
  • Brilliant shades: Fosters collaboration.
  • Green: Evokes nature and reduces stress.
  • Blue: Reduces tension.


Mixing colors and finding out a better mood for every area is a really important task. You need to think about what will make the place’s atmosphere feel right. You can’t just add whatever color to an area, not even with the colors that your brand uses.


There are appropriate colors for working, resting, and eating areas. Every place needs to be taken into proper consideration when you’re defining what a work environment is going to feel like. 

Here at Masof, we love keeping tabs to the latest trends in the field of office improvement. To bring the right change to your spaces and the elements of your office, you can always contact us and collaborate in creating office furniture projects that set the trends for tomorrow. Visit our showroom in the Miami-Dade area or contact us on our website.

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