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A respectable office has to have its espresso machine or coffee dispenser machine ready to serve at all times

A favorite for hard-working people worldwide, and the chosen beverage of an infinite number of people everywhere.

Coffee is an integral part of the morning routine for a large majority of people. Whether black or with milk, hot or cold, a cup of coffee will be ideal to start the day for many. It’s not for nothing that Starbucks and Nescafé have become the super franchises they are today.

That cup of coffee in the morning coffee is not only absolutely necessary for many in any office, but coffee breaks have also become extraordinarily important in some companies. Whether in the United States, in Japan, in Spain, or Venezuela, a coffee machine will always be an irreplaceable appliance to have on hand.
According to the website, the reasons for coffee consumption at the office go more or less like this: “For 29% it is part of their routine. 26% like its aroma and flavor. 14% consume it to concentrate. 13% feel more alert. For 10% seek to improve their productivity. And 8% admit that it reduces the level of stress.” The truth is that there are plenty of reasons, and a single person could drink it for all those reasons exposed in the survey.

Therefore, without a doubt, coffee is seen as the sacred beverage that brings a spark to our body and minds.

Among the advantages of consuming a couple of cups of coffee during the day we might find:

  • Increased productivity.
  • Motivates changes of posture.
  • Stimulates the ability to concentrate.
  • Strengthens the relationship between partners and consequently results in a more collaborative, friendly environment.
  • Reduces stress.

Coffee, unlike a cigarette, isn’t just about an addiction (keeping in mind that everything in excess is harmful, of course). There’s no problem with enjoying a couple of cups of our favorite beverage throughout the day, especially if they help us to maintain a better rhythm and feel good within our in our daily work routines.


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