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What are the Values of Spanish Brands?

What are the Values of Spanish Brands?

Cultural heritage, creativity, and product quality are the most striking international endorsements of leading Spanish brands.

Outside of Spain, people recognize the key values of Spanish companies as being creative, sources of high-quality products and carriers of a strong cultural heritage. Spanish companies and especially internationalized Spanish companies understand that it is extremely important to add a differential factor to products or services. They aim to enable potential clients to recognize the “Made in Spain” stamp, thus strengthening their distinguishing features outside of their own borders.


Since the Marca España (or 'Spain Brand') was created in 2012, it kick-started the process of increasing the visibility of Spanish brands abroad along many other actions taken to achieve this goal. These actions have produced a significant increase in the wealth and socio-economic development of the country.



This initiative has also been successfully implemented in other countries such as the United Kingdom, with the Great Britain brand, in Germany, with the Land of Ideas brand, in France, which launched its Marque France brand, and also in Canada and Finland, among other examples. Marca España was established as a state project which would outlive successive governments, and its aim is to improve the image of Spain, creating an intangible asset which will help to strengthen the country's international position in political, economic, cultural, social, scientific and technological terms.


According to El País newspaper, “an analysis of Marca España shows that almost seven in ten Spanish exporting companies (68.9%) trust in Marca España and 56.6% are satisfied with it. This is a proportion which has risen significantly in recent years after a lackluster response in 2012. Overseas, where trust has risen from 46.8% to 56.5%, Spain presents the image of a country with friendly, outgoing, creative and qualified people”.


Though it is true that until relatively recently, the fashion, food and tourism sectors, which have the greatest growth and consolidation outside Spain, were those that benefited most from belonging to Marca España, the focus has shifted towards working to consolidate the image of Spain as an industrial and technologically-aware country. Spanish companies are leaders in innovative sectors such as infrastructure, renewable energy, automobiles, biotechnology, environmentalism, information and communication technology, health, and the aerospace and naval industries.

In this sense, the Board of Directors of the ‘Foro de Marcas Renombradas Españolas’ [‘Forum of Spanish Leading Brands’] has unanimously approved the incorporation of our signature supplier, ACTIU as a full partner of this organization.  The Forum of Spanish Leading Brands encompasses 100 leading companies from their respective sectors which can boast recognized, well-known brands and a significant international presence. At the same time, this association of brands is integrated into the Forum of Spanish Leading Brands Foundation, together with the Ministry of the Economy, Industry, and Competitiveness; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation; the Spanish Office for Patents and Brands and ICEX Spain Exportation and Investments.


In order to be accepted as a member, each candidate must be a Spanish company of recognized prestige and a leader in its field, with a high level of internationalization (71 countries on average and more than 50% of their collective business taking place internationally). Actiu currently has a presence in more than 90 countries across five continents and almost 60% of its turnover comes from international markets.

The joint turnover of the Forum's companies equates to 40% of the national GDP. The Forum of Spanish Leading Brands, which was founded in 1999, has recognized 52 Honorary Ambassadors of Marca España which make a significant contribution to the prestige of a positive image of Spain overseas. The constituent companies of the Forum employ more than a million and a half people in Spain.


This focus on maintaining the values of Marca España and the prestige enjoyed by ACTIU, our main supplier of office furniture products, has allowed MASOF Furniture the ease of working with a top-level company that places quality, growth, and personality in everything that it has to offer. This win-win has resulted in a fruitful partnership where the positive aspects of Spanish leading brands have rubbed off in the daily work of our company.

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