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The Ultimate Loungescape Trends in Airport

The Ultimate  Loungescape Trends in Airport

New airline lounges.

Originality will always be a major need. Having lounges reflect their location rather than be identical around the world.  After all, the same Black & White pattern will get boring in time, right?


Refreshing Look


Some airports are making lounges through a strategy which puts the bar on the lounge's upper level, in some cases calling it a gin bar - although it will of course also serve other drinks along with a variety of beer, wine, and of course, some champagne kept under the shelf for first-class travelers.


New airline lounges are stepping away from corporate consistency on the domestic front, with new-look premium business class lounges embracing local colors and materials. Already evident in the business class lounges at Qantas’ in Perth and Brisbane, which are now undertaking a similar makeover which will be completed by the end of 2018.




Another trend is for lounges to embrace more of a residential vibe.


Claiming Sanctuaries: Step into Hong Kong's The Pier lounges and you'll find them relaxing and calming, a welcome pit-stop in the usual rushing nature of business travel.


Mixed Business: No matter the style of an airlines' lounge, dedicated working zones are getting smaller – if they still exist at all. Gone are the rows of cubicles with clunky old Windows computers, printers and other similar machines. This has allowed airlines to cut the rows of desks and workstations to recover some space for general seating.



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