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The Ideal Product: A Vision of Two

The Ideal Product: A Vision of Two

When thinking about creating a quality product that ensures user satisfaction, durability, and comfort, as well as a style that represents it, designers have a lot to consider.

Regarding this, engineer, designer, and director of ITEMdesignworks Javier Cunado says: “In the world of design, the starting point is to know the meaning of design, listen to the user, understand the client's vision and, from there, follow your instinct, explore options and finally bet on a personal proposal.”



To create furniture that meets the needs of users and adapts to the current times, it’s very important that the creative process goes hand in hand with references and sources that convey the needs to be met: the type of product, the keys of it being a good idea, how much time will be invested in it, the materials and technologies to be utilized, among other things.



When creating something, experience and intuition will always be the right and left hand of the architect/designer. They must be able to see an infinity of scenarios clearly, where and when will the product in question be needed, where and when will it be interesting, and always when and when will it be ambitious. On this, Cunado says: “For this new scenario to thrive, two conditions must be met: trust and complicity between client and designer.”


If you want to update your spaces and office elements, you can always contact us to create a project of avant-garde and distinct office furniture together. Visit our showroom in the Miami-Dade area or contact us on our website to find the furniture and elements that will complete each of your spaces.



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