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The Four Elements Of A Functional Modern Office.

The Four Elements  Of A Functional Modern Office.

What you need to consider when renovating or designing your own workplace.

Are you certain that your office relies on an advantageous space distribution? To answer this question, first consider this basic rule: a functional design focuses on the employee's needs and daily tasks. So, in order to obtain results, it is necessary to analyze the way your organization works.


Masof Furniture's staff is there to determine where the deficiencies are, all through a previous examination of the working environment of any organization. Modern cubic offices became an outdated concept thanks to intelligent designs. So, let’s say goodbye to spaces that murder creativity and let's gather ideas that will translate into real progress.


1 Light and Space

You can’t simply have too much of it, it's never enough. Natural light boosts productivity and reduces complaints about headaches and eye fatigue. If you're interested you can learn more from our article “Why Natural Lighting Is Essential for a Functional Office”.


Along with light comes space! If you're looking for a dynamic atmosphere, providing a comfortable desk for every employee is not enough, it’s also indispensable to clear circulation spaces. 


2 Recreational Areas


You do not need too many elements or make a huge investment to provide a recreational area. However, you need to consider that a lunch spot does not represent a proper break-out place. This should be a space that makes employees feel removed from their desks and free to interact with each other. These spaces bring down communication barriers and encourage spontaneity in the office. The most creative ideas come out of these spaces.


3      O   R   G   A   N   I   Z   A   T   I   O   N


The smaller your offices are, the more you must worry about order and tidiness. When there is enough space in an office, the clients may never see the work areas. But in a small organization, there’s no place to hide and thus everything must be tidy. It takes a minute, sometimes even less than that, to turn a tidy workstation into a messy nightmare. Fortunately, the next element is an immediate solution to this problem.


4 Invest in Furniture


Functional and fine furniture is the key to make everything work together and keep uniformity. More importantly, this is also for the health of your employees. A cheap chair becomes much more expensive than you think in the long run. Workers spend most of their time sitting on an office chair, and they don’t realize the importance of a good posture until it is too late. Investing in quality furniture means investing in your staff's satisfaction.


These are the four essential characteristics of a productive workplace, but there are many other considerations underneath an effective office layout. For example, there are corporate elements to consider at all times. Masof Furniture always merges the organization brand concept into the design composition, assimilating modernity, comfort, and corporate spirit into the space you need to make your business grow.

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