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The Best-Designed Offices Of 2018

The Best-Designed Offices Of 2018

Modernization of interior design in offices

Last year the ongoing revolution in the modernization of interior design in offices has continued to innovate and cause a sensation, creating new trends in what were once gray and monotonous colors.

Company owners and large corporations have wanted to give a 100 % 'shake' to their environments, as they begin to fill their workspaces with color, movement, and style.



The place that took first place with the most popular and acclaimed interior design was the headquarters of Vans in California, USA. This famous urban and avant-garde clothing store defines itself as 'a state of mind', and it therefore decided to give this venue a design for creative self-expression and the 'Off the Wall' culture that defines it. The design was from Rapt Studio, who stood out in embodying the evolution of the company.



The second place on the list was taken by Bumble's headquarters in Texas, USA. The architect of the project was Mark Odom Studio, and the designers were JEI Design. Bumble is a famous app designed for users to meet new people around the world. For the Bumble office project in Texas, Mark Odom reused the architectural trends of the 60's. In Odom's own words: 'My team and I are inspired to build on that foundation, while at the same time realizing the vision of the Bumble team at the headquarters of a company that is focused on lifestyle.'



The third place on the list was taken by Hyatt headquarters (The Hyatt Hub) in Illinois, USA. Hyatt is an international hotel company in the United States. With the design that Gensler gave to its facilities in Illinois, it really set a trend. Transforming its interiors, the selected design combines the best attributes of private offices: privacy, sufficient spaces, and a sense of ownership; with the best attributes of open environments: flexibility, companionship, and lateral awareness.




If you want to update your office spaces and elements, you can always contact us so we can help a copper office furniture project and cause trends. Visit our showroom in the Miami-Dade area or contact us on our website to start bringing new colors and styles to your spaces!

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