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Technology Trends Taking Over the Workplace

Technology Trends Taking Over the Workplace

Is the future now? .

The way we work is changing, and of course, technology is playing a big part in that shift. Nowadays every conversation about the workplace almost always starts with technologies that apply to it. As more advanced technologies are further embedded into the office, they will continue to help people work and think more effectively and efficiently.


Is the future now? Let’s review some office tools and furniture that are making fostering evolution within the office as we know it. 


Shared Screens: We’ll see a more vigorous adoption of video teleconferencing and shared whiteboarding. Already, technologies like Microsoft's Surface Hub, an 80-or-so-inch TV that acts like a giant Surface tablet, are available, and eventually will become prevalent.




Credential Technology: Signing-in all the time is laborious! Why not use phone owner’s recognition technology in a reasonable way to provide credentials for everything we do? This technology scans the eye or fingerprint in an instant, allowing work to begin as soon as the computer has booted. The added security is a benefit, as every iris and/or fingerprint is entirely unique.


The Cloud: Part and parcel, the cloud continues to power connected devices, services, and apps throughout enterprises, and in effect “levels the playing field” for remote workers. All organizations are sure to have some sort of policy and procedure relating to data access outside of corporate boundaries.



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