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Sport At Work

Sport At Work

It’s not really something new. For years and in different work environments, a culture of health, companionship, and extracurricular activities has been fostered where employees can feel really valuable while creating a physically and emotionally healthy environment for them.



From table tennis, mini basketball courts, table football, or indoor soccer, these activities are now part of every healthy office. All meant for employees to maintain a healthy work lifestyle.



In addition to creating facilities with healthy work spaces, there are companies that prefer to bet on creating teams where employees are participants in extracurricular activities, whether these are sport-related or not.



This is the case of Masof Inc, a furniture distribution company for workplaces that, along with their supplier in Spain, has decided to change its recreation style: instead of staying in the office, they have decided to go outdoors.




Masof Inc’s idea was born out of the passion for cycling that its founder has fostered over time. This is how he gave life to a complete team of cyclists, who even wear custom uniforms to show their dedication both to the sport and to their place of work.


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