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Spaces of The Future, Seen Today

Spaces of The Future, Seen Today

Thinking about what the NEW houses of the future would be like?

To think that, people from 50 years ago thought the present that we live in right now would be quite different from the reality that we actually live. Even in the popular Hanna-Barbera cartoon 'The Jetsons”, the future consisted of progressive architects and designers who’d build luminous houses that would not even settle on the ground.



In the Design Museum’s exhibition: 'The Home Futures', the main question was: What does the past have to say about the future?

During the exhibition, museum curator Eszter Steierhoffer compared the vision of the 20th century with the latest domestic trends, starting an explosion of ideas and questions in which visitors would compare what was previously thought to be the contemporary home architecture with what the present actually looks like.



In Eszter Steierhoffer's own words: 'In front of all the technological, economic and social changes in the last decades, our concept and notion of what the home represents is changing drastically”.

On this exhibition, more than 150 objects and images from the past and the present were presented to the public, as well as exhibiting a variety of topics, such as the minimum amount of space in which a person can live, how to make a house more sustainable, and the concept of 'The home' as a machine.


If you feel like giving your office a more 'futuristic' look, you can always contact us so we can assist you in bringing the future to the present! Visit our showroom in the Miami-Dade area or contact us on our website to start bringing new furniture and new styles to your workspaces!



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