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Building and working through using this new support tool gives you the opportunity to create a better future with your ideas.

Having a glassboard in your office is a new and exciting way to redesign your working style.  With all the kinds of glassboards that Masof Inc has in store for you, there are office configurations available that you may not even be aware of. These quality glassboard provide a different type of design, in a minimalistic and clearer style than the common boards of the industries.


Our provider’s proprietary glass-printing technology allows them to print any graphics in stunning full color. This ColorDrop technology allows them to break the limitations of just logos and text, and it is able to provide designs will look amazing on a Clarus glassboard.


These designs are perfect for brainstorming; communicating ideas between colleagues, the flow of work meetings and just the general feeling of a space that boasts modern equipment.  The different colors available for the glassboards provide a beautiful complement for any design scheme you could come up with. And they also work like a colorful wall for halls and practical spaces.


Models like the go! Mobile have become popular programs that have transformed everyday spaces into collaborative hotspots. Pieces such as these can be customized with any glass color to match your unique branding, or modified according to your own custom color match.




Finally, these glassboards are best used along its wide range of accessories, including specialized writing markers, supports, different types of magnets and erasers, and tools to keep track of notes or pin important pictures or documents.




The Clarus glassboards are found in that particular place between a specialized furniture and a useful tool. And we at Masof Inc are very glad to be able to offer these magnificent programs to our customers and partners. These pristine surfaces, used wisely and designed intelligently, can make a fine office turn into a great one.

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