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Passion For Work Or Passive Slavery?

Passion For Work Or Passive Slavery?

Large multinationals are reluctant to put aside strenuous work schedules

For some, it may sound unusual. For others, it is just part of their day to day work: up to 12 hours, 6 days a week, with very few moments of rest.




A particular case is that of Chinese citizens, who find no surprise that their working hours extend more than a Westerner could imagine (or even bear). A working day of 9 AM. until 9 PM. It may sound absurd to many, but for employees of companies such as Alibaba or Huawei is the 'common'.


The owners of multinationals of this caliber have a very strict vision of their working hours, stating that employees who are not willing to comply with them are not productive and do not really strive to achieve a high level of productivity in their lives, nor the progress of the nation.




There is no doubt that this is far from what the appropriate parameters of physical and mental health dictate for the welfare of employees. A worker who is forced to work for 12 hours in a row, is without a doubt a form of 'modern' slavery according to current times.




Even though the 'machine age' caused a strong impact on the work systems of the entire world, even today in the 21st century, employees are subjected to abuse, as well as work schedules that are too long that no one should be forced to comply, being that we live in a time where slavery was abolished and no one should be forced to carry out inhuman activities in a more than humanized world.


Although, there are people, as is the case of the workaholic, (people obsessed with work) who like this lifestyle, this is a decision of their own that each one should assume and not that the boss forced others to undertake in exchange for a remuneration that is not at all justified.



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