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Open Plan: An Innovative Work Concept

Open Plan: An Innovative Work Concept

A Work Environment Without Limitations.

Today's companies are in constant movement, looking to become more productive by widening their work tools and creating spaces that generate the necessary comfort for their collaborators to feel at ease.


Because of this, Open Plans have arrived in traditional office spaces to changed then and achieve a new level of innovation and entrepreneurship.




A new work model that generates a lot of expectations when designing a work environment is becoming increasingly evident in current companies.


With this process, employees don't work on individual desks or cubicles. This new model that has been progressively used among companies is based on sharing spaces and working in common areas for all collaborators, with the goal of incentivizing communications, ideas, and teamwork.




'New offices are being conceived as an ecosystem today, which includes Open Plan areas, but also a wide range of different spaces for each type of activity and daily moments, in a comprehensive environment that allows and facilitates collaboration and innovation,' states Javier Mosquera, country Manager in 3G Office Argentina.


Technologies and new trends toward dynamism, allow for employees to spend less time sitting at their workstations, interacting more within informal meeting spaces, bringing more variety to their spaces and more liberty to choose when to work where.




Plus, this manifests a closer relationship with their function and brings further satisfaction with what they do, bringing improvements between the personal and the professional.


As such, this is conceived as a space that expresses the cultures and values of the organizations where visitors can easily understand what the company is, what it does, and where its values stand.



The environments allow for engagement for people to find greater meaning in their work while their commuting draws an intentional path for collaboration and a greater understanding of the brand by their users.




A lot of advantages can be found with this shift. One of them is the improvement of employee collaboration and relations, as well as the optimization of the square footing assigned to employees. This diminishes the surface areas that companies must invest for each team, directly impacting costs in a positive way.


This is why the most cutting-edge companies distribute a variety of small rooms where two or three teammates can comment on something without distracting the rest.




These are areas for dynamic and spontaneous micro-meetings where activities are developed differently and more efficiently.


This creates great opportunities for designers and architects, in which they must restructure many of the traditional company modeling so as to better understand that future spaces will become precisely that: comfortable, open, and flexible spaces that are adapted to any human activity.



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