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Music in the workplace studies

Music in the workplace studies

Let’s Talk About Music in the Workplace!

For many, engagement, morale, and overall productivity increase through listening to music. But, is music in the workplace actually beneficial to your business’ growth?


There are many ways that music can be enjoyed in a business place. You could play music through speakers so everyone can listen. Or, you might let employees listen to music through their headphones.


Music in the workplace is actually encouraged by many business owners. But, some businesses also choose to regulate or ban it while at work.




Music and productivity: Pros and cons


People listen to music for a variety of reasons. In many cases, listening to music in the workplace can help employees:


Focus on work.


Absorb information.


Stimulate creativity.


Drown out, co-worker noise.


Break up mundane tasks.


Boost morale.


Listening to music in the workplace can be a great help to many employees. But, it can also hinder productivity in some ways. Music can be harmful because:


Employees might not hear customers or co-workers.


An employee’s music might bother another worker.


Employees could get distracted.




As you can see, there are both pros and cons to listening to music in the workplace. These advantages and disadvantages can depend on the industry, employee’s position, and the employee’s work habits.


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