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Home is but a place of comfort that you can truly have as your own. In this sense, modular homes offer the ultimate consummation of this definition by being incredibly customizable, so you have the flexibility to really make it your own. For these places, one can choose the design and finishes in less time than it would take to find an architect and set up an appointment.


Contemporary design has gravitated lately towards trends that try to find a midpoint between modernity and practicality. Here are some of them:


Function Over Luxury


This year, people want practicality in their modular homes. Think floor plans with living rooms open to the kitchen, floorings that are laminated or from other types that are easy maintain, plus master bedrooms on the first floor. High on the list of priorities for design are trends that make it easy to not only maintain your home but also to enjoy it to its fullest.


Bring Nature Indoors


The use of earthy tones and terracotta are a blessing for your interiors. Natural materials such as copper, stone, concrete, and wood add some natural warmth and tactility as accents and features. We have a natural affinity to feel at ease while surrounded by nature, and designs that show off a natural look and feel is always positive.




Re-think the Exterior


Instead of contrasting colors on the exterior of your modular home, the trend of monochromatic color palettes has become more popular. Also, mixing materials like wood, stone and other types of sidings create more curb appeal.


These kinds of houses are often designed for outdoor spaces. It seems like, nowadays, more and more people are starting to strike for this environment to live in. Homeowners want to create a space in the home that takes them away from the boundaries of their four walls while connecting them with the ambiance of outdoors.


This feature has created a surge in the installation of rooftop decks. This introduces a functional space that can be used for relaxation or entertainment year-round. The addition of mechanisms that provide shade, heat, video and audio capabilities to space make them very attractive to any modern-minded homeowner.



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