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Learning from the Japanese

Learning from the Japanese

Kaizen is a term that means: continuous improvement, and its application is known by the acronym TQM: Total Quality Management.

Even though the Japanese are known for their titanic workdays, it is not a surprise that they have a beautiful philosophy regarding the 'art of work', and all that this implies.


The Japanese love to give a true meaning to their life, this explains the existence of the Ikagai, name given by the Japanese to their philosophy of the reason of existence. For the Japanese people's lives are much more complex than a simple step of transition from one entity to another, and we can also see that with their way of seeing work.




The Kaizen philosophy was developed in the 80s by management consultant Masaki Imai as an evolution of the Toyota style. It seeks to achieve continuous progress through small achievements made along the way to the best.


In a few words: Small steps taken day after day will result in continuous improvement.




This philosophy was derived and from it, as a number of principles emerged among which stand out:


- Instead of trying to solve big problems at once, it is better to take the first small step towards a solution.

- Create a simple first challenge, and so on.

- Propose partial goals and work progressively.




The same for errors: instead of looking for someone or something blame for failure, it is better to break it into small errors that can be solved.


In Masof Inc. we are always attentive to trends for the benefit of employees. To bring improvements to your spaces and elements of the office, you can always contact us to create an office furniture project that imposes tendencies together. Visit our showroom in the Miami-Dade area or contact us on our website.



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