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Adding The Air Element To The Office With Asian Style

Air is associated with the east and the color yellow. You could take this literally and use Asian design principles in your home, such as feng shui, dragon motifs and simple, straight lines. You could simply paint a wall a creamy, sunny yellow. Or you could embrace a feather theme with dramatic vases of peacock on the tables.


Today, in most Western commercial environments, we tend to favor a simplicity of design that leans more towards the Japanese than the other lands of Asia.


Chinese design, for instance, is a lot bolder, using a lot of red and accenting heavily with gold.  Japanese design is more restrained, focusing more on creating a sense of tranquility and incorporating natural themes and colors.




Offices filled with light and air. Backdrops inspired by nature. Neutral colors in juxtaposition with rich hues ranging from wood to black.  Sliding doors with semi opaque panels reminiscent of the sliding doors in a Japanese house.


A key in Japanese interior design is balance.  A creation of harmony. An organic statement. A flow between interior and exterior.


We see this Asian preference for incorporating nature into our built environment emerging in our modern work environment as a response to our frenetic society. The 24/7/365 lifestyle means that it’s easy to experience sensory overload.  We spend a huge amount of time at work, rushing to meet deadlines and deliver above expectations.


It’s necessary to create spaces where we can occasionally catch our breath and literally… just breathe, refocusing and becoming centered in order to avoid burnout.



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