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Is An Office Without Paper Possible?

Is An Office Without Paper Possible?

We are approaching a new era with technical changes in companies where the use of paper is becoming less important.

If you still doubt that we're living in the future, you have not heard the latest in office trends: saying goodbye to the use of paper forever.




Some say that it is impossible to eliminate the use of paper in companies, especially in countries like Japan, where faxing is still used in many renowned companies. However, resisting the transition to a paperless office is increasingly reflected by a loss in savings and process efficiency.




We are in a digital age where the Internet is the main tool for every existing company. Posts, online documents, and PDFs are the order of the day. Even the use of computer packages such as Microsoft Office has been relegated with the implementation of Google Docs' online tools for the creation of Word, Excel, and other documents formats.


Instead of presenting a difficulty, the change to the digital field makes everything simple: having access to files available in a cloud or drive anywhere we are is much easier than resorting to a physical file full of folders in which we will spend more than a couple of minutes looking for the document that we need to have at hand ASAP.




On the other hand, as highlighted by the website, it is important to bear in mind that the constant use of paper documents brings with it other expenses such as the purchase of printers, network connections, ink, toner, paper as well as the maintenance of paper equipment.




And you can never understate how a paperless office is friendly to the environment, reducing the cutting of trees to produce paper.


In Masof Inc. we love paying attention to the latest trends in the field of office improvement. To give a change to your spaces and elements of the office, you can always contact us to collaborate in creating office furniture projects that impose tendencies. Visit our showroom in the Miami-Dade area or contact us on our website.



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