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How Do You Make an Office “Green”?

How Do You Make an Office “Green”?

A new way of contributing to our planet.

Nowadays, organizations are becoming modern spaces lead by tendencies that arise with the passage of time.


Have you heard about the new of green office trend? A way to help the planet and satisfy the needs of collaborators through sustainable production.




It's not a secret to say the environment requires our awareness and that every small detail can mean a lot to bring about the change we need. Why not start from one of the spaces where we spend most of our time?


Let us give you some advice to start on a great path to achieving an ecological office.


Climate Conditioning


The temperature inside your office should not be too high or too low. It's advisable to set a range around 67 to 72 degrees. This way, employees are kept comfortable with their environment and electricity levels are not strained.


Besides, it's important that heating and air conditioning systems are regularly checked. Proper maintenance can save up to 5% of contaminant emission.




Natural Light


Whenever possible, keep the lights off and make the most of natural daylight to save on electrical power.


It's also important to replace all incandescent lightbulbs with compact fluorescent lights or LED bulbs, given that they use up to 75% less power than their older counterparts and emit the same amount of light.






The use of recyclable materials and ecological elements will contribute greatly to the establishment of green trends around the office. For example, you can start using recycled paper and reusing office materials.


When it comes to lunch or snack times, it's important the use of non-disposable kitchen utensils.


Of course, garbage separation must become something vital for ecological offices, since it's the main factor that can help the environment and motivates a more caring attitude outside the workplace. As far as printing goes, print on both sides of the paper whenever possible.


Lastly, it's very important to educate collaborators on turning off all computers and unplugging all electric devices when their shift is over.






Decorations are without a doubt, a predominant element in ecological offices. Theses decoration trends offer harmony, tranquility, and a touch of natural moods in workspaces by bringing the essence of nature with green motifs, plants, hardwoods, and sustainable textiles.






Another important element to take into account is the office furniture present. Organizations that want to give their grain of sand when caring about the planet must apply innovative furniture solutions.


In Masof, we believe that office furnishings that favor the environment are essential. Because of this, we consider the impact of our work (design, fabrication, delivery, and product life) on both people and the environment, thus discovering new opportunities to make things better each time. We employ quality products that promote productivity and work standards that keep generating positive momentum in the long run.



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