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Furniture can be about more than function. It has a major impact on people’s productivity, creativity, and mood through composition, design, and technology.

Having the right kind of furniture is more than just a matter of ergonomic solutions, it improves the space and structure of any organization and the perception of its users, visitors, and competitors. Today, as professionals both employees and employers require flexibility and quality in all aspects of their life, including their workstations.


People spend about thirty-five percent of their awake hours at their place of work. Because of it, places we spend our time laboring in can hugely contribute to shaping who we are and how we behave and think. Companies need to be more concerned about offering positive experiences through furniture and how their spaces are set up.


By introducing high-end furniture on the spaces they inhabit, people will have the opportunity to take productivity and creativity to entirely new levels and be glad to inhabit a space invested into shaping a company's values, its vision, and its passion for things well constructed.

Because of this, we firmly believe in the core aspects of European interior design and its ability to bring life into any space with the most vibrant and intelligent furniture projects of our time.


Actiu products perfectly embody those European design styles that we constantly apply and promote. Their pieces are created with passion, sustainability, and ergonomic qualities. These are creations that emerged from the search for the perfect balance between furniture needs, artistic flair, and technological prowess.


Usually, when first thinking about furnishings spaces outside one’s home, most people may think of it in terms of mundane pieces that serve a purpose and doesn’t concern himself with what goes beyond function. The truth is, there is no mundane aspect to places where we spend such an integral part of our daily hours. Our places of gathering and productivity should have the same level of creative thought and aesthetic purpose as our homes or recreational spaces.


Therefore, we deal mostly in furniture pieces that bring personality and meaning to each square foot in a room. Whether it’s a comfortable task chair that reflects on your company’s technological character, a desk that perfectly sets up spaces for teamwork and is aesthetically pleasing, or even dividing screens with panels that can be rotated independently and become a display piece all on its own, beyond its primary function.


Our constant work always results in the fulfillment of visions and strategies that consolidate all the attributes of European design into environments that exhibit an outlook of high-quality and an expression of forward-thinking and modernism.


A clear example of these traits of clean execution, adaptability, and flexibility is the Shey modular lounge seating, a very light and comfortable product that hides a very robust structure able to adapt to the changing needs of each space, bringing artistic and minimalist finishes through avant-garde structures and designs.


This is also evident in Wing, a collective chair that won the Red Dot Design Award for being a model of perfect adaptability in a product that speaks loudly through art and innovation, contributing to an aesthetic vision and invigorating multi-functional spaces.  


We have always been promoters of spaces that encourage creativity, collaboration, and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to aim for excellence and equip customers with furniture solutions to set up spaces they have only dreamt about until now.

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