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Healthy and Comfortable

Healthy and Comfortable

Make yourself a healthy work environment!

A happy, healthy and comfortable work environment is important for your staff – and can be achieved without spending a fortune. It boosts productivity and morale while acknowledging the quality time spent in an office.


Are you sitting comfortably? Research by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has shown that back pain is one of the biggest causes of work absenteeism in the UK, so it makes sense to consider investing in office equipment designed for people who sit in front of computers for any length of time. Repetitive strain injury (RSI) can occur by repeating the same movements (for example, clicking a mouse) many times but an ergonomic keyboard or mouse will reduce the risk.


Get healthy. Particularly if your environment is office-based, your employees may lead a sedentary lifestyle which could lead to long-term illness. Whether it's offering membership to a local gym or signing up for the Government's Green Transport Initiative (which provides tax-free bicycles) encourage your staff to get active.


Learn to relax. The best way to find out whether the staff is happy and your work environment is healthy is to be approachable. That way, when any problems come up, your employees will not hesitate to come to you for help. Deal with problems as soon as possible and regularly ask for feedback on how your workplace could be improved and you’ll see the positive results in your team’s dynamic speak for themselves.




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