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Getting the Office into a Christmas Mood!

Getting the Office into a Christmas Mood!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and the holiday spirit is taking over the office.

Christmas is season for eating to your heart’s content. While you won’t probably bring a roast turkey to the office, you can still consider some little treats that are not only Christmas-y but are also good for your productivity.


Gingerbread cookies can boost your iron intake, and that plays a key role in energy production. You can also try dark chocolate dipped clementine slices, where the clementine contains vitamin C and the dark chocolate is a source of magnesium, which boosts your mood and improves focus.




Now, when you put it that way, this idea about clementine peels all around the office doesn’t sound that bad anymore. Contrary to Christmas carols and various holiday decorations that could feel pushy, this is a non-disturbing way to bring the holiday spirit into the office.


What about trying some Christmas scents to fill the office? Truth be told, quite a few of them are actually used in aromatherapy for improving workers productivity. Like cinnamon, which helps in fighting fatigue, or pine, which boosts energy. Or citrus scents (lemon, orange, grapefruit) that reduce stress, improve focus and boost your mood.


Therefore, put a bowl of clementines in the office room, add some Christmas songs to your work playlist and prepare healthy treats for your colleagues. Then, get ready for a productive holiday season!




If you’re looking to renovate the look of your office during or after the holiday season, we at Masof Furniture can help you make that holiday dream come true! Contact us or visit our showroom in Miami-Dade and we’ll be glad to help that holiday dream come true!


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