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Furry Friends Now Visit the Office

Furry Friends Now Visit the Office

With every year the trend of allowing pets to access work places grows.

The truth is that it was time for companies to begin allowing our furry companions (or winged, or scaled...) to accompany us to our jobs. The reason for the change is that it has been discovered that they are of great help in reducing anxiety and increasing levels of well-being, especially in a stressful environment such as an office.



As always, Google is a step ahead in new trends, and is allowing its workers to assist with their pets. Their Silicon Valley office was one of the first companies in the United States to do so. On the other hand, 'Pets at work' is a modality that Nestlé has set in motion at its plants in Australia, Spain and the United States.

Among the scientifically proven benefits we can find:

1. Decreased levels of stress.

2. Improved communication.

3. An encouragement for creativity and increased productivity.

4. A contribution to savings.

5. Putting an end to the guilt.



These benefits are not exclusive to employees, since they also add a last benefit that is equally important: This situation also helps our pets, who will be much happier since they will not spendso many hours alone at home.



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