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Fire Element And Feng Shui For The Office

Fire Element And Feng Shui For The Office

Light a fire in your design

If you want more warmth, passion, and inspiration in your everyday life consider incorporating the fire element into your space.


Why you should consider adding the fire element to your office design:


  •  It brings yang energy (high energy) into a space.


  • It puts a spark of brilliance in your design.


  • If you are feeling uninspired add some mood-boosting fire.


First, we aren’t recommending that you paint a room red. Yes it can work, but it needs to suit the overall design and style of the space. The design and Feng Shui of a room need to complement each other. Feng Shui should strengthen a design not overpower it. Tip: You can still use red paint in clever ways without painting an entire room: a focal wall, a rustic cottage floor, or reviving a piece of vintage furniture.


The energy of the Fire element is the energy of the bright sun, happy celebrations, and glorious, joyful achievements. Accessorizing is an easy and flexible way to bring an element into the space. You can choose how much or little you would like to add: a toss pillow, a rug or piece of art.


There can be no life on this planet without the life-giving energy of the sun, and there can be no good feng shui energy in any space without the bright, bold and happy energy of the Fire element.



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