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Eco-Friendly Furniture: The Best Choice for Any Organization

Eco-Friendly Furniture: The Best Choice for Any Organization

Every day, more and more companies opt for green offices concepts.

Ecology has become a popular subject in the furniture industries around the world. Manufacturers are getting greener and becoming more eco-conscious about the impact of their manufacturing process on the environment and planet. It has become a popular trend to promote sustainable practices to produce environmentally responsible furniture. Furnishing office spaces with eco-friendly products has become fashionable.


Some organizations have adopted it from a public-relations standpoint, and others like ACTIU have made it part of their core company values. For this reason, ACTIU’s products come with detailed information about the production process, the type of material used, the energy used, and the environmental impact of its manufacturing process.



In products like the EFIT office chair, a great amount of thought and expertise was dedicated to obtaining an Eco-design product that offers sustainability and efficiency.


This trend is noted by companies all around the world since sustainability implies a very efficient use of materials while at the same time minimizing waste and thus reducing costs for both manufacturers and purchasers of any kind of product. All in all, going green leads to both affordability and efficiency while also maintaining a positive public image as a collaborative organization that is involved in preserving its environment and healing the planet.


Products like the Prisma desk use almost half of recycled materials for its manufacturing and the table itself can be completely recycled at the end of its durability. This is done by using local materials that can both ensure the product's quality and ease of process and use. As a result, simple raw materials are converted into a quality piece that features an exceptional design.


The other main aspect of eco-friendliness lies in improving the packaging and transportation methods involved in both manufacturing and distribution so that their furniture products can be delivered globally while leaving a minimal carbon footprint.


This is one of the main reasons that motivate Masof to sell products designed and manufactured by ACTIU. Both quality and eco-friendly design serve to present a wide roster of products placed at the forefront of present and future environmental awareness and efficiency.


Now you're aware that eco-friendly furniture is both affordable and positive for public relations, but what about its design? Masof offers you the finest options: many of the models of desks and chairs programs from ACTUI include eco-friendly pieces so ergonomic and functional as any other one. These are also made with high avant-garde technologies and sophisticated features that add elegant and unique presentations.


Sharing a more sustainable way to operate will always be something to be proud of and it is a practice that consumers and employees are ready to embrace. To start is easy, you can do it by designing a better concept with better furniture. If you need more information Masof team is always available to give you support and orientation.

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