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Designing a Workplace to Attract Millennials in 2018

Designing a Workplace to Attract Millennials in 2018

In a period of four different generations working together it is essential to design a workplace that appeals and attracts all.

Studies confirm that by 2020, nearly half (46 percent) of all workers will be Millennials. With Millennials shaping the look of today’s workplace, does your office design have what it takes to attract this rising pool of innovative talent?


Millennials bring forward a new, entrepreneurial way of working and thinking, proving valuable to any corporation. The right design can therefore increase productivity as well as attract this talent. Can you afford to risk your office design being the single factor that pushes Millennials away from your business?


In the following article we will discuss possible features to incorporate in your office design to attract and retain this generation.


Wellbeing really does matter…a lot


Millennials are attracted to a healthy lifestyle and seek companies that cater to this need. They desire an employer that values health, and appreciates the right balance between work and life.


Arranging for outdoor areas is a great and healthy way to promote wellbeing and provide variety for employees. Millennials tend to feel happier in a greener environment. Taking a biophilic approach to your office design can realise this requirement.


Research also highlights the importance of healthy eating, one of today’s society hottest topics. As discussed in our previous blog nourishment is key in leading a healthier lifestyle, and a workplace which encourages this will be sufficiently more appealing.


Millennials desire an environment that is both comfortable and attractive. An intriguing office design doesn’t necessarily mean equipping it with the renowned Google slides, but it does mean moving away from the standard. They expect a workplace that grabs their attention. To achieve this you will need to cover all areas from furnishing, convenience, comfort, to lighting and colour schemes.




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