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Designing a Great Workplace Is Not a Cost But an Investment

Designing a Great Workplace Is Not a Cost But an Investment

Know the importance of developing a workplace culture in your organization and how interior design plays an indispensable role.

Each company is a whole different world with its own inner society. To maintain the well-being and productivity of your staff is necessary to develop functional spaces that promote aspects of collaboration, learning, concentration, and relaxation.

Many types of research have shown workers that are not likely to leave their current organization are much more engaged with their jobs than anyone. Both renovating a workplace and creating a project starting with the right resources will show your staff you care about them and so it will attract human talent.

A global study by the Steelcase firm shows that one third of workers across 17 of the world’s most important economies are actually disengaged. The study found that there is a strong correlation between high workplace satisfaction and high employee engagement. 

To create spaces that focus on communication and the development of productivity, Masof researchers your company's characteristics and how they relate to your goals, you clients, you workers and their interests. By experience, we are highly aware that creating a great place to work starts by defining what can make your company a working culture. This last term has been highly mentioned lately when discussing interior office design because it's the difference between a workplace which attracts new human talent and a toxic place to work.

“Different studies demonstrate the importance and positive effect of creating different areas within the office, with organic tables, elevating tables, collaborative workspaces, the phone box, the focus room, creative rooms or areas for resting designed with natural, recycled materials that are acoustically soundproof, which help boost productivity and give a greater homelike feeling” - Emilio Ollé of Instaldeco.

A worker invests more than a third of his or her lifetime at the workplace. It's imperative for the proper functioning of an organization to rely on areas that generate a comfortable environment. Happy and satisfied teams lead to an increase in productivity levels and therefore a boost in business performance. Your business may be successful as it is, but a good office design has the ability to transform a tired and gloomy office into a motivated and inspirational one. This is an indispensable step to building a working culture and it has been Masof's goal for more than 25 years.

Renovating or creating shouldn’t be a long and straggling process, that’s why Masof Furniture exists, to support you during the whole experience and make it as positive and profitable to your projects as you need.

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