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Decorating Your Office with Flowers

Decorating Your Office with Flowers

Types of flowers and plants you place around your office.

Decorating your office with flowers may seem like a no-brainer, but there is a lot more to it than merely tossing some cut stems in a vase. Being selective with the types of flowers and plants you place around your office shows forethought, intentionality and even nods to your design aesthetic.


There are, however, flowers that are meant for your office. In fact, they’re practically begging for space next to your computer!




  • Location is Everything: Orchids are the easiest to maintain and will last 1-3 months. Hearty flowers like sunflowers, cut dendrobium orchids and wildflowers can be economical and long-lasting.


  • A Pretty Vase goes a Long Way: “Choose the vase first. When decorating, choose a vase you like and then pick the flowers. Also, use things like pretty measuring cups, kettles, tins, coffee cups or soup cans for vases.


  • Monochromatic arrangements are your Friend: Choose different types of flowers in one color. For example, pink roses, pink tulips, and pink dahlias look great together.


Also, avoid highly fragrant flowers if there are many people in your office since you don’t really know who is allergic to what. Remember: when it comes to choosing flowers for your office space, pretty is nice but function is key.



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