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Decorating with the Elements:

Decorating with the Elements:

Feeling The Earth Vibes

Lush greens and cozy browns invite you into the realm of ‘earth’. Wood paneling and hardwood floors make for a rustic lodge feel while tin buckets full of natural items such as oak balls, acorns, twigs and branches collected on forest walks offer a personal connection to the outdoors.


Offices that successfully incorporate the principles of biophilia into their workspace design are likely to create more productive and satisfying places for their employees compared to offices without natural plant-life. The beauty of this type of design is you don’t need to completely overhaul your present space to bring the natural world into yours.


The beauty of designing with plants is there are so many different types of foliage to choose from – light greens through to deep purples, tiny leaves through to huge ones, tropical plants through to winter wonders… the list is endless. But, when it comes to bringing them into the workplace there are some design and practical considerations to make.


Think of how you can renovate your office to bring in more natural light.  For instance, relocate common areas near the windows or remove curtains or window blinds that obstruct natural light. You can use artificial lighting that has the components of natural light if your office doesn’t have windows.



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