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Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace for 2019

Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace for 2019

Creativity means imagining, innovation means doing. There’s no doubt that no matter the size, your business needs to foster both creativity and innovation in order to stay competitive and to retain its most valuable teammates.

The goal is to look at your organization with the diversity and beauty of a coral reef, where you recognize that there needs to be freedom for creativity and innovation in order for it to flourish.

It’s all about creative thinking and creative problem solving — these two methods can create true inventors and innovators in any office.




But it’s not as simple as putting out a call for all creative employees to come to the front. Sometimes, you’re going to have to dig a little deeper to encourage your staff to let their creativity truly shine.


That brings us to another good point about encouraging creativity, which is the promotion of collaboration. In a workplace environment, it can be easy for employees to fall into the competition trap, especially if there are some enticing rewards on the line. You'll have to teach them the fact that when more creative brains are working together, it’ll produce an even better result.




Also, this mentality proves the importance of promoting diversity and putting together a team of employees who come from different professional and personal backgrounds. Teams with different backgrounds, skills, and passions can work together to increase and encourage innovation. For a creative worker, there’s nothing like having a solid set of peers to bounce ideas off of, and it'll doubly help if these co-workers can bring new perspectives to bear.


If you're looking to foster a creative workplace where your workers can truly act as a team, then we can offer the perfect office furniture supplies to make it happen! Be sure to contact us or visit our showroom in Miami-Dade to find out why European office furniture design reigns supreme as the most effective.



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