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Colors In Office Can Affect Productivity

Colors In Office Can Affect Productivity

As much as our productivity depends on learning how to focus our minds and mastering time-saving techniques.

Sometimes it’s the small—and oftentimes unnoticed—things that boost our efficiency. Things like room temperature, desk supplies, and that cup of coffee you get every morning before work, for example.


Painting and decorating the office spaces in certain colors has been proven to enhance productivity. However, just one color may not do the trick. The color that best improves productivity depends on the type of work each person does, there are no certain colors to universally increase productivity.


Therefore, you can augment office productivity overall by first choosing the right combination of colors to paint and design with, and each person can benefit in their own productivity corner by making their desktop the color that most inspires their individual productivity and efficiency levels.




Let’s see some examples:


Blue is universally known as an excellent color for productivity. It is also a stable and calming color that helps workers focus on the task at hand.


Green is a good color for people who work long hours. It does not cause eye fatigue and it helps you remain calm and efficient at the same time.


Yellow is known to be an optimistic color and can help stimulate creativity. Therefore, designers and people who need to be creative for their job should have color integrated into their workspace.


If your job or task involves physical activity, then red is your productivity color. Red has been shown to increase the heart rate, blood flow, and also invokes emotion and passion.




If you wish to combine the color scheme of your office with quality office furniture from European design, we at Masof Furniture can help you boost office productivity through our quality office furniture catalog. Browse our website, contact us and receive a quote for your office furnishings!

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