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Add Gezellig To The Office (Netherlands Style)

Add Gezellig To The Office (Netherlands Style)

Dutch design interiors are strictly traditional or contemporary.

Dutch design is standing out with its unique mix of cool, contemporary, playful, and experimental all at the same time. The Netherlands is known for its colorful flowers and renowned art from painters including Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Piet Mondrian.


And here’s the great thing. The Dutch lifestyle concept, referred to as “gezellig”(pronounced heh-SELL-ick).


It’s simply about togetherness — people having a good time, socializing and being comfortable in a cozy but upbeat setting. Gezellig doesn’t demand that your interiors are strictly traditional or contemporary, or even perfect.




Another great thing about gezellig is that you can love simple, clean lines or richer contrasts between dark and light. Bring back the florals, through artwork, patterned upholstery, and depending on your budget, fresh or artificial arrangements of tulips, or even wildflowers.


Also, consider using more contemporary color palettes, like the reds and blues, which modern artist Piet Mondrian of the De Stijl movement used, and hues such as greens and yellows.


And don’t forget to use the national color of Holland – orange — in your florals and accessories!



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